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04 1200 2768
Level 14, 167 Eagle Street,, BRISBANE, QLD, 4000
Po Box 1086, NEW FARM, QLD, 4005

Conditions of registration

Date Imposed Condition Details
08-Feb-2023 Other That for any sole trusteeships consented to between 8 February and 29 July 2023, Mr Moore engage an independent registered trustee approved by the Inspector General to undertake an audit of the conduct of at least 3 administrations for the period of 12 months from their respective commencement dates and prepare a report to be provided to the Inspector General, no later than 31 October 2024.

Disciplinary actions

Date Details Particulars
15-Jul-2021 Impose condition(s) on trustee [IPS 40-55(1)(f)] On 10 March 2021 the Inspector-General in Bankruptcy referred Mr Daniel Moore to a committee convened under Part 2 of Schedule 2 to the Bankruptcy Act (the Act). On 3 December 2020 the Inspector-General's delegate, Mr Tim Cole (the Delegate), had issued a show cause notice to Mr Moore under s 40-40 of the Schedule. The committee must decide one or more of the outcomes prescribed in section 40-55 of the Schedule. On 15 July 2021, the committee decided that Mr Moore's registration should continue with conditions. The committee also decided that the Inspector-General in Bankruptcy publish the committee's reasons for its decision and its report. Consistent with section 40-65 of Schedule 2 of the Bankruptcy Act 1966, the Inspector-General in Bankruptcy has given effect to the committee's decision. The committee's report may be accessed below.
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Committee Decision Disciplinary 20210714_final_report_by_committee_-_private_names_removed_for_publication_2021.07.15.pdf
Attachment Moore - Committee Decision - change of condition 8 Feb 2023.pdf
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